Sports Premium

At Southway Primary School, we recognise the importance of children exercising for a lifetime.

We understand that regular physical activity has an important contribution to eliminating obesity, alongside a healthy diet. At Southway children learn the fundamental motor skills that enable them to develop the competence that creates confidence and successful participation in a wide range of sports. Many activities taught in PE require children to work in groups to solve problems or as a team. These opportunities enable our children to develop both leadership and cooperation skills.

In addition, the United Learning PE and Health Curriculum aims to ensure that pupils:

  • Succeed in acquiring the skills, knowledge and understanding sufficiently to achieve or exceed age-related expectations;
  • Engage in the learning of transferable leadership skills and achieve an award or qualification for doing so;
  • Develop their creativity, decision-making and problem-solving capacities;
  • Know how to use physical activity to enhance their physical and mental well-being so that being active forms part of their life-long identity;
  • Develop the confidence to perform under pressure;
  • Increase their self-confidence and their ability to trust in others;
  • Develop their empathy for others, for example their peers with disabilities or of different genders, ethnicity etc.;
  • Understand (and be given the chance to explore) issues relating to body image and body confidence at appropriate stages of their PE experience.  

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