Our Staff



Mr Mike Wood                                          Principal

Mr Alex Blackman                                    Vice Principal

Mrs Catherine Monk                                Vice Principal & Safeguarding DSL

Mrs Vikki Cripps                                       Assistant Principal EYFS

Mrs Justine Chubb                                   Assistant Principal KS1

Mrs Lucy Collins                                       Assistant Principal Lower KS2

Mr Paul Hutchinson                                  Assistant Principal Upper KS2



Mr Paul Jarvis                                         School Business Manager

Miss Caroline Smith                                PA to the Principal

Mrs Tina Barnes                                      Data & SIMS Manager

Mrs Karen Hull                                        Receptionist/Senior First Aid Officer

Mrs Alison Mosley                                   Administrative Assistant

Mrs Terri Good                                        Clerk to the Governors



Mrs Stacey Bingham (Mon/Tue/Wed)     EYFS1 Class Teacher – Peppermint Class

Mrs Sara Page (Thu/Fri)

Mrs Suzy Height                                      EYFS1 Nursery Nurse – Peppermint Class


Miss Caroline Bannister                          EYFS2 Class Teacher – Sky Class

Mrs Lorraine Brighten                             EYFS2 Teaching Assistant – Sky Class

Mrs Vikki Cripps                                      EYFS2 Class Teacher – Sea Class

Mrs Tracey Merrett                                 EYFS2 Teaching Assistant – Sea Class

Mrs Helen Anderson                               EYFS2 Class Teacher – Aqua Class

Miss Kay Franklin                                   HLTA & Intervention Teaching Assistant


Miss Katie Rhodes                                 Year 1 Class Teacher – Mango Class

Mrs Rachel Lowrey                                Year 1 Teaching Assistant – Mango Class

Miss Terri Worsley                                  Year 1 Class Teacher Pumpkin Class

Mrs Hayley Cooke                                  Teaching Assistant – Pumpkin Class

Mrs Carla Anderson (Mon – Wed)          Year 1 Class Teacher – Amber Class

Miss Heather Cox (Thu/Fri)

Mrs Stephanie Duke                               Year 1 Teaching Assistant – Amber Class

Miss Shume Miah                                    HLTA & Intervention Teaching Assistant


Miss Laura Eastwood                              Year 2 Class Teacher – Magenta Class

Miss Ola Gradek                                      HLTA/Year 2 Teaching Assistant – Magenta Class

Miss Sade Wickham                                Year 2 Class Teacher – Cerise Class

Mrs Julie Albuery                                     Year 2 Teaching Assistant – Cerise Class

Mrs Justine Chubb                                  Year 2 Class Teacher – Fuchsia Class

Mrs Michelle Dick                                    Year 2 HLTA/Teaching Assistant – Fuchsia Class


Miss Lisa Bennett                                   Year 3 Class Teacher – Ocean Class

Mr Pete Cotterill                                      Year 3 Class Teacher – Cornflower Class

Mrs Claire Tavender                               Year 3 Class Teacher – Bluebell Class

Mrs Caroline Quinton                             Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Michelle Parkinson                          Year 3 HLTA/Teaching Assistant


Mr Tom Newman                                    Year 4 Class Teacher – Emerald Class

Mrs Lisa Pledger                                     Year 4 Class Teacher – Lime Class

Mrs Lucy Collins                                     Year 4 Class Teacher – Jade Class

Mrs Berneen Harrington                         Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jan Watson                                      Year 4 HLTA/Teaching Assistant


Mr Dan Austin                                         Year 5 Class Teacher – Salmon Class

Mrs Lloyd                                                Year 5 Class Teacher - Coral Class

Miss Sophie Beadle                                Year 5 Class Teacher – Rose Class

Mrs Orlene Matthews                              Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caroline Summerfield                       Year 5 HLTA/Teaching Assistant


Mr Paul Hutchinson                               Year 6 Class Teacher – Sapphire Class

Mr Andy Fairbairn                                  Year 6 Class Teacher - Navy Class

Mr Joe McIntosh                                    Year 6 Class Teacher/Healthy Schools Leader – Cobalt Class

Mrs Sally Taylor                                     Year 6 HLTA/Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Martin-Foster                      Year 6 HLTA/Teaching Assistant


Mrs Leigh O’Brien                                  HLTA/Librarian


Mrs Karen Cruse                                   Teacher & SENDCO – Wave 3 Interventions

Mrs Kamila Sawicka                              Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharon Carter                                 Pastoral Manager

Mrs Jo Van Biene                                   Learning Mentor

Mrs Jane Stanton                                   SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jemma Marsh                                 SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss Jools Eden                                     Safeguarding Officer - Monday to Thursday

Mrs Linda Doughty                                Counsellor - Mon & Fri all day, Weds am

Mrs Kate Jones                                      Dance Teacher

Mr Tom Ramsey                                     Sports Coach


Midday Meals Team:

Mrs Caroline Howard                             Senior Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Tracy Acres                                     Midday Meals Supervisor

Ms Claire Barclay                                   Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Shajna Begum                                Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Sharon Carter                                 Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Sasha Galpin                                 Midday Meals Supervisor                         

Mrs Ferdushi Hassan                             Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Claire Hibbert                                  Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Julie Hubbard                                  Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Jemma Marsh                                 Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Sara Priest                                      Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Kim Rowland                                    Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Lorraine Steventon                          Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Rachael Tate                                    Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Tate                                       Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Tracy Steadman                              Midday Meals Supervisor


Premises team:

Mr Alan Coffin                                        Premises Manager

Miss Kayleigh Dunne                             Cleaner & Main Gate Supervisor

Mrs Jane Kwok                                      Cleaner

Mrs Sandra Morley                                Cleaner

Mr David Parkinson                               Cleaner

Mrs Sara Priest                                     Cleaner




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