Religious Education

At Southway Primary School, we believe it is vital to develop children’s knowledge and skills in RE as it enables pupils to gain a respect for the beliefs of others; to understand how differences and similarities are important foundations for a community. This knowledge also ensures they build a sense of personal identity.

Children will be encouraged to talk confidently and respectfully about similarities and differences between themselves in order to explore the idea of diversity and challenge prejudice. RE will help pupils to reflect upon the diversity we see all around us, not only in school but in our local communities and worldwide. Understanding and exploring questions around the teachings and beliefs of the world's religions forms an integral part of teaching children to challenge the world around them. They are taught to use their own beliefs, their own backgrounds and upbringing to interact with those who have different experiences and create a more rounded understanding of the diverse world in which we live. In bringing together lots of different traditions, beliefs and ways of life we will begin to help the children understand what being part of a community really is.

We will encourage children to explore their own ability to empathise, show compassion and act generously. These values will help children to embrace the traditions and cultures they encounter and explore the diverse society in which we live. We will enhance the children’s learning by teaching how the Southway Seven can be applied to their school life in the same way as personal beliefs are applied to their home lives to create a sense of identity.

We will use a range of cross-curricular activities to involve the children in their learning, to encourage their curiosity and to bridge the gap between knowledge and experience in order to ensure they have an active participation in RE. A key feature of this journey will be exploring festivals and events from around the world. It is important that from Early Years to Year Six we invite all children to respectfully engage with different religions, traditions and cultures to ensure we provide the foundations they need as members of an ever-evolving society. Our RE curriculum will help us to fulfil our responsibility to prepare them for the diversity they will encounter in the multicultural setting of the modern world.