At Southway Primary School, we believe it is our duty to equip every pupil with the essential knowledge and skills they need to engage proficiently, creatively, responsibly and safely with the digital world. Our high-quality computing curriculum supports all pupils in becoming effective users of technology who can: 

  • Critically evaluate online content for honesty, accuracy and reliability 

  • Understand and apply the main programming concepts e.g. sequencing, repetition, selection and variables 

  • Evaluate the impact of technology on everyday life 

  • Use a range of digital tools to create media e.g. desktop publishing software, vector drawings 

  • Label, group and search for specific data and information e.g. branching databases, data logging, flat-file databases, spreadsheets 

  • Use, modify and create programs using algorithms (instructions in sequence) 

  • Use logical reasoning and learning/experience to predict outcomes 

All pupils at Southway have access to a wide range of technology (including Chromebooks) to support them in becoming confident and creative problem solvers, who are digitally literate and able to communicate effectively with the wider world.