Mobile Learning

The school recently completed its sixth and final year of a project aimed at giving the children access to mobile devices at home and at school. After extensive research we came to the decision that the iPad is the best tool for education use.

Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, we can no longer continue our 1:1 iPad scheme. We have, instead, invested in more mobile technology to use in school.

To existing 1:1 iPad famlies

In cases of damaged or stolen iPads, it is vital that you report any incidents to us within 15 days in order for us to make a valid insurance claim. Please email the school immediately by clicking here and giving us the follow details:

  1. date and time of accident/theft (and address if it wasn't at home)
  2. brief sentence or two about what happened
  3. your address
  4. your phone number
  5. names of any witnesses
  6. for accidental damage, the serial number of iPad (12 characters long) which is on back of iPad or can be found by going into settings, general and then 'about' (assuming the iPad still works!)
  7. if stolen, your police crime reference number
  8. When the device was last used by you

Useful websites...

Phonics and reading  

 (amazing phonics learning website. Free to play on a desktop site)  




(education resource website who are giving parents and carers a free month membership  during the school closures) (amazing learning platform that Southway have subscribed to. Your child has a login and Password in their home learning book) 

 (lots of learning opportunities across all subjects)  

(fantastic interactive dance and physical activities) (free language lessons)  

(fun drawing step by step)