COVID-19 Updates

Keeping us all safe

At Southway Primary School, we have put in place measures to keep our school safe during these challenging times. A copy of our risk assessment can be found here and a copy of our contingency plan can be found here. 


Good hygiene

In line with guidance about preventing the spread of infection, we continue to emphasise the importance of handwashing and hygiene with both staff and pupils. We also promote the 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' message with our children. We are taking opportunities to reinforce these messages regularly and encouraging staff and pupils to wash their hands at regular points throughout the school day. 

What happens if a child must isolate due to Covid-19 and cannot attend school?

We have developed a plan which aims to ensure continuity of learning for children who are off site, giving them the chance to maintain their learning and avoid gaps forming. We currently have pupils who are joining their peers virtually from home using Microsoft Teams, allowing them to engage with the learning as if they were in the classroom.

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Catch-up Grant

Every school has been allocated a funding grant to help counteract the impact of the national lockdown on children’s learning in Spring 2020. At Southway Primary School we plan to spend the grant on actions which aim to remove barriers to attainment and close any gaps in our children’s learning.

View our plan here

Helpful links for parents

Guidance on children's mental health and wellbeing during Covid

Stay at home guidance for households with a possible infection

How to get a Covid-19 test

On behalf of all the staff at Southway Primary School, we would like to thank you for all your co-operation and support throughout the pandemic. We will come through this together as a school community.

Please keep safe and follow all the guidance on hygiene and social distancing to minimise you and your family’s risk of infection.